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March 27, 2014


Grossman passes kidney stone during gubernatorial debate

(Thanks to Charles Cates)


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I saw Grossman warming up for the Stones back in '86. It was gross, man.

Once a stoner, always a stoner.

He still showed up for the debate. Dude's got stones, man.

butt he should not feel so all alone . . .

At first, I thought they meant he passed it right there on stage during the debate. I'm glad that it turns out he waited until the dinner afterwards. Hopefully, he made it to the bathroom first.

Let he who is not thin skinned pass the first stone.

Now THAT is the face of a man who passed a kidney stone. About the size of a Buick. With the doors open.

That's gross, man.

"The Congress will now vote on the Passing of the Stone. All those in favor say "Aye".........
[3 minutes pass...]All those opposing say "Neigh"....
[another 3 minutes pass...]....The Stone passed and is now law!!!"

(This exciting broadcast brought to you by CSPAN...)

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