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March 31, 2014



(Thanks to Jonh Harris)


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With the Aussies amusin' bent for booze & barbie, it's a wonder any of 'em have survived ... tho I have kinfolk livin' there, so somebuddy is (apparently) watchin' out for hazards ...

Yawn. Nothing here that can't be matched or beat in Florida.

Pumas in the crevices...?

Why do you think they drink so much? It keeps them out of the outback and out of the water. Alcoholism is safer than nature.

I'm thinking that I'd rather go to New Zealand...

Welcome to your nightmare! Tonight for your dreaming pleasure we'll be exploring Australias native serpents and how they can kill you. This will be followed up by a short dream about Carrot Top.

On the first picture - did that snake just eat Batman? Look atthat hand!

Most of the snake pictures were pythons which aren't really that dangerous. The snakes they should have talked about: Taipans, Brown snakes, Tiger snakes, and DEATH ADDERS (which ironically aren't really adders.....but can kill much quicker than most adders....)

Why did so much of that remind me of Florida?
One of my earliest memories is of my Grandmother yelling at me to ALWAYS SHAKE OUT YOUR SHOES BEFORE YOU PUT THEM ON!
And my cousins trained the baby to stand in front of the snakes and wave his arms to keep the snake's attention while they sneaked up and...
Shoot. Now I'm homesick.

Of the ten most venomous creatures in the world, fifteen are found in Australia.

Well thanks for shooting my trip to Australia down. So if I want to plan my funeral this year just go to Australia because I won't have to worry about coming back. Only in a pine box

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