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March 27, 2014


'24: Live Another Day' trailer shows Jack Bauer's back in fighting form

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Dave if you decide to come back to the SAY radiothon it will be Dec 4th this year. That way I can bring your book and you can sign it. Please. Anyway it would be nice if you could come back again.

He's stayed off the grid by burning all that wooden dialog for fuel. Must be out. At least this time will he be rogue all the way? Maybe he could drive one of those Rogue cars. He's getting older. The skipped hours are so he can go to the bathroom and hit the 4:00 early bird seniors special.

About freaking time, Jack.

At 0:32-0:33 - Warning: Audrey.

yes, his back's in fighting form....and his front...& his arms...and his legs....

but will dave & the amazing steve be back in writing form ?

So Audrey's Dad is now the President?


*drinks, repeatedly*

Edgar is still dead.

Did anybody ever get the dead guy out of the wall? I really hope we'll be live blogging this again.

William Devane is the new '24' President? Yea! He always plays a great Chief Executive....methinks he'll be better than President Allstate!

1st hour: He surfaces in London just in time to try to thwart an asssassination attempt on the U.S. president.

Assassin's bullet misses president, but hits daughter, previously in vegetative state, between eyes, instantly killing her.

Did judi notice the article on the side about more male nudity on Game of Thrones?

Who's left... Samwell Tarly and Walder Frey....?

I just want President Heller to look Bauer in the eye and say, "What's in your safe?"

Then the assassination will no longer be thwarted.

I see trouble on the horizon.

Needs more explosions.

Barcardi ? Check. Beefeaters ? Check. Seagrams ? Check. Mixers ? Check. I'm about ready.

With Awwwdrey in the cast...there just isn't enough alcohol in the world.

And I see CTU still hasn't figured out the whole "perimeter" thing...

Will anyone be shot in the thigh?


William Devane went off a cliff with a laser dot on his head. Tony -- well, I forget how Tony died. But they came back. EDGAR, COME BACK TO US, PAL! BRING YOUR MOMMMY!

What about Jack's son? It'd be nice if they would do
some more father-son Bonding killing

Has Chloe gone goth? Say it isn't so!!! She also seemed very mad at Jack. I suppose she MAY forgive him....if he apologizes....

Look for cameos by Marwan...

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