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March 27, 2014


A punch-drunk man from Bulawayo’s National Railways of Zimbabwe Westgate compound is in trouble with his in-laws after he mistook his visiting mother-in-law for his wife and fondled her buttocks.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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He either has a cute mother-in-law or an ugly wife. Or the booze is VERY strong.

The legend of Crispi, f*** buddy gone wrong.

Soon to be a best seller.

Oops x 2.

Well, it WAS Unity Day...

Blood, Sweat and Tears made this very reference in their signature 'made me so very happy' song.

ALERT ! ALERT! Off topic!!

This is on the back of an room deodorizer can.

DO NOT get in eyes, on skin or clothing. May irritate eyes. DO NOT breathe spray. DO NOT over spray in confined areas DO NOT spray directly on food. Prolonged or frquent skin contact may cause an allergic reaction. DO NOT puncture or incinerate. DO NOT BURN.

RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!!! (That was mine).

You may now return to the topic.

mikey, girl, you've got to STOP inhaling those fumes


Where am I? No wait, give me a seconed...

I have friends who call this foreplay.

Is the punishment a variation of 'an eye for an eye'...a beast for acting beastly?

Mikey, I hope you're feeling better soon. Stay away from in-law's patooties until the fumes die down.

Thank you Gargoyle...

I'll make sure to spray it OUTSIDE of the bathroom, perhaps in Alaska, which by definition is NOT a confined space.

The man from Hope strikes again.

Is it really so bad to be mistaken for your daughter? I know Mom-O-Lot gets happy when people ask if she and her daughter are sisters.

Mr Moyo, convinced that his wife was playing-hard-to-get, continued petting his mother-in-law’s behind.


jeff - he was so drunk he didn't give a rat's ass What he was feelin'

His future is behind her.

She was one of the Butt Sisters. He didn't care...

Rex her, he hardly knew her. How many Os in Oedipus?

It also happened to me, but it was me who was gropped.

"Butt, man, from behind they all look the same"...

Wooden dialogue generator test....

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