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March 26, 2014


But any drivers tempted to give this a try next time they are on the motorway should be warned; the car would need to be travelling at 119 million miles per hour to make the number plate invisible.

(Thanks to Rich Steurer)


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Let's see, Speed of light 670,616,629 mph.

Your car 60 mph.

Uh....Not even in Florida.

Can you drive fast enough to avoid being clocked by is-that-a BIRDHOUSE ??!?

Tell the LEOs yer lost ... "Ain't this Texas? Dang! Ah dew 'Pologize!!!"

Well, hol' mah beer and watch this...
Ah'm faster than Cooter's sis.

They do this all the time on the Autobahn, but the trip doesn't last more than a few milliseconds, and things get rather messy in the left lane on the destination end.

I am annoyed when 10-20% of New York drivers turn without signaling. After two months in Florida I can state that no more than 10% of Florida drivers ever use their turn signal. WTFBBQ is up with that?

Also, there seems to be a schedule that assures there is one "beggar" at every freeway off ramp with a "homemade" sign at all times, at least during the day.

Well, Jeff, here in SoCal, SUV (and pick-up truck) drivers so rarely use their turn signals, I assumed their vehicles were not equipped with them.

Drivers of sedans and hatchbacks use them nearly all the time, probably for fear of being run over by an SUV or P/U...

This is so stupid. If you just close your eyes, the camera can't see you. Scientific fact.

Schrodinger's speed cam. Wait til they see my quantum car. It's everywhere at once and nowhere at all.

"...the car would need to be traveling at 119 million miles per hour to make the number plate invisible."

Probably kill your gas mileage, though.

Jeff, that's because you've been here during the tourist season and most of them are New Yorkers or Massholes. Let's not get started about the ones that believe the left lane is theirs and theirs alone.


Heisinberg is not certain about that.

Your mission, should you decide to accept it . . .

I disagree, Mikey. On principle.

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