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March 26, 2014


A 42-year-old Delray Beach woman was arrested after she threw a "hissy fit," according to an arrest report.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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At least it wasn't a conniption fit. That one requires the National Guard be mobilized.

True dat, Jeff ... but it's still nastier than a snit ... or a huff ...

I remember when saying hissy fit and Whamo! in the same sentence was cock.

I wonder what pitching an almighty fit would get her.

A good defense lawyer should be able to plead it down to first-degree tantrum, and she'll get off with a time-out.

Better than a hussy fit.


Ah, someone speaks Appalachian. As a rabbi friend asked after a trip through eastern Kentucky, "Everyone was friendly. But what language were they speaking?"

"Your Honor, while the defense will stipulate that the defendant may have had a Tiff or a Row, and may have been Showing Her A$$, we do not believe that evidence for a Hissy Fit has been presented."

That is such a coincidence! I threw a hissy fit and my hair caught on fire today in class since I had just said, "mass doesn't matter in these problems," and, "mass doesn't matter in these problems" followed by "mass doesn't what? Matter in these problems."

Oh and I wrote it on the board, in RED.

Guess what a kid asked a nanosecond into a sample problem?

I am going to up the amperage on my taser.

Do I need get a concealed Hissy Fit permit now?

MikeyVA are you sure mass doesn't matter in those problems? I throw a little hissy fit at least once a week. Usually when I'm at Walmart.

What difference, at this point, does it make ?

You mean mass doesn't matter in these problems?

Really? Who knew?

I vote we buy a bus ticket for every nut case in the state of Florida, send them to DC where they belong!

Jeff, Cindy et al

really.... (Pours water on flaming hair.)

mgh = 1/2 mv2

mass doesn't matter. It cancels out

OK, I'm going to go and lie down.

This was a bad time to give up pole dancing to supplement my income.

But, but, but, the only way for a hissy to fit is to throw it a few times...

When hissy fits are outlawed, only outlaws will have hissy fits.

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