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March 28, 2014


Romanian man swallows fork in drunk bet

(Thanks to ligirl)


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Hey, he triple dog dared him. What else could he do?

'However, the doctors did not operate the man immediately. They sent him home to give the fork an opportunity to come out of the body by itself.'

so basically that told him to go fork himself

So true ligirl. At least it's in his esophagus and not his lower intestine, iykwim.

Ok, the McDonald's receipt tattoo is seeming a bit less insane now. Just a bit.

"Doctor, look at this x-ray."
"Get the fork out of here!"

Seriously, he's lucky they didn't put him in the MRI machine. Although, the fork would be extracted.

maybe he jes couldn't fork up the money

"When you come to a fork in the road, take it. (And if you're drunk, swallow it!)"

-Yogi Berra

Always remember, the salad fork goes on the outside, not the inside.

Padraig, I had an MRI done a few months ago and the tech asked me if I had any metal embedded in my body.
I said , " I don't think so."
He replied, "Well, we're about to find out."
This both made me laugh and terrified me.

I can see a guy doing this. A woman, on the other hand, would stab a man with a fork.

With pot you just look at the fork, smile a lot and fall asleep.

He's gonna get a knife to go with his fork. All he needs is a spoon.

Cindy, will it really come out unaided without tearing up his innards. Somehow, I feel the nurses are trying to improve the gene pool. Which I am okay with.

Elon, I'm surprised they left it in him because it could really do a lot of internal damage, not to mention infection, if it's left alone. It may depend on the direction of the fork. Still the risk of infection is pretty high. I never saw a fork in anybody but I did have to send a few men to the operating room with Maglites where they shouldn't be. One of the lights was actually turned on and the patient looked like one of those kid's Glow Worm toys. For the record they didn't swallow the Maglites, iykwim.

Obamacare doesn't sound so bad now. Romania's healthcare system, on the other hand...

Tines marches on. Down, out. Whatever.

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