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March 27, 2014


Russian Navy Now Has Control over Crimea’s Elite Dolphin Unit

(Thanks to Charles Cates)


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They did it on porpoise

we're gonna need more navy seals

Dasvidaniya and thanks for all the fish.

OK class, everyone under your desks!


Their navy is floundering, I guess. Russia's lobster mind.

Don't they know that Crimea doesn't pay?

"Does Fa love Pa?"

snork to PG13 Wodehouse... I loved that movie.

Have you seen the latest Putin photos of him riding the dolphins, topless? No THAT is a leader.

Eeeeeh ! eeeeeh ! eeeeeEEE ! ( " Lt. Flipper reporting. I saw a fish ! " )

They can have Flipper. Just don't let them get Darwin!

(remember that TV show "SeaQuest DSV"?)

"The Ukrainian Dolphin Team defected en masse earlier today after the Russian General in charge attempted to award them multiple medals to be pinned to their uniforms."
Soon-to-be newscast.

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