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March 31, 2014


Cheese factory in Siberia closed after employees bathe in milk

(Thanks to Jay Brandes)


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But ... how did it taste?

They might have gotten some interesting cheese. Blue cheese is made by injecting it with bacteria.

Stinky-feet cheese is.

Remember that coffee made from ferret feces ? (Note the alliteration). With proper marketing I predict this cheese will be over $75 per pound.

LeDud: that's Luwak coffee. Luwaks are part of the weasel family, making that particular coffee "processed weasel doots." (so says the column written by the Blog 3/27/2005)

Thanks, I stand corrected. Weasel doots and not Ferret feces. You can learn alot in this blog.

Sound like a bunch of Dimsi cheesemakers. Probably working on Rubing, Sakura, or Livarot.
They'd have been OK until they decided to Tilsit in the product.
It can possibly be saved by throwing in some Chloro.
So long as they weren't Pule on something.

you can put whatever in beer as it gets boiled to a fair-the-well, but cheeesss is dangerous. Give the dog a bite and see if she eats it...

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