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March 25, 2014


Aromafork emits smells to enhance food’s flavour

(Thanks to Janice Gelb)


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"Our taste buds can only recognize five primary tastes,” say the inventors, “while your nose is capable of distinguishing the subtle flavours of food as aromas reach the back of your palette."

That's gotta be the Canadian spelling of "palate" ... since most folks don't have a large oval-shaped hunk of plywood in the back of their throat ...

But who knows where that fork has been ?

It'll never sell in the U.S. The fork is too small. Check back when they invent the aromashovel.

What smell is associated with cream chipped beef on toast?

This has got to be for people in England.

The new meaning of fork u. smells fishy

It will probably be as successful as this.

Probably won't go over well in America.
Our gastronomic motto is "We eat anything that doesn't eat us first".

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