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March 03, 2014


For many people, the picture of the monster reptile at the popular Mount Isa swimming hole may lead them to question the long held belief taking a dip in the Top End’s fresh water was safe.


(Thanks to Steve Pietrowicz)


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Come on in, the water's fine.
Then again, I'm used to pollution being the primary problem and not wildlife.

Well, that pool's certainly not safe for crocodiles, but I'm sure it's ok for, say, Congressmen.

I dunno about this, she said "Barbeque Breakfast" on the video and my mind went into does not compute mode.

The " All-You-Can-Eat " dining concept just lost it's appeal.

Crikey! That's quite a snike!

‘Up in Kakadu they feed heavily on small rodents but that’s not to say they won’t take the crocs as well'.

- so ya jes never know what a Kakadude'll do . . .

I assumed this was in Florida again and that you were just trying to make Dave homesick.

This is EXACTLY what happens if you don't set up a perimeter, dammit.

Don't Australian crocs eat people all the time. Why was anyone swimming there before croc eating snakes?

Annie, the way you can tell that wasn't Florida is the snake doesn't have a handgun.

Hey, it's OK, people.
They're keeping each other busy.

At my age, all I can think about is what a painfully 'hard' time the snake is going to have tomorrow morning. Gonna need more Preparation H!

Rock breaks scissors
Scissors cut paper
Paper covers rock
Snake eats croc

looks like a diagram of the rethuglican party

AS long as it stays off of my lawn!

Python stuffed with crocodile is the new turducken.

Should read "formerly popular swimming hole"

Sam - it did say that, but something chewed the first word off the sign.

That's my "selfie" at the Thanksgiving table.
Don't know how it got out there.

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