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March 31, 2014


MOORHEAD – Police said they were forced to use a Taser on a man who was found drunk, naked, running around waving his arms and yelling in a public parking lot here Thursday morning.

(Thanks to Fred Hudson)


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Naked, High, Drunk and Unafraid with No Fear in America.

True stories of Americans who could be your shameless neighbor or gene deficient relative.

Coming to A & E Summer 2014.

If he had a cockerel on his whoop-de-doo, it would have been "art".


THAT'S a clue, if one know a bit about the background & pitics ... "Spirit Lake" is not actually a town, more like an "area" ... tho I did (try to) teach school there, long ago ...

"... politics ..."

*stoopid fat fingers*

I think Moorehead is across the river from Fargo. It has a neat museum with a recreated Viking ship and a recreated 11th century Viking church. Could have used more Vikings though....

Fargo?? Doesn't winter end up there sometime in late June? Lots of shrinkage going on.

Exactly how strong is the alcohol in North Dakota? According to the Weather Channel it was 13 degrees last night with snow.

Aw, lighten up. Some people just get a little bit more perturbed than others when they lose their car keys.

No "e" in that Moorhead (unless tellin' that nasty joke, then it's implied, at least) ...

Only a dab of snow in Fargo until about noon ... our snow here, however, arrived early & quit only an hour ago ... totals of about 8-16" here. some drifts in our driveway or yard are 2.5-4 feet deep ...

Ya, yhe Hjelmkost (Viking ship replica in Moorhead, MN is perty cool ... actually floats & everything ... (well, it did when built, but not lately ...)

n'cin' ... if y'all want "fun" strength alcohol, wangle an invite to a wedding dance in any of several Nodak towns are predominantly of Germans-from-Russia ancestry ...

But come ready to dance ... they Polka BIG TIME ...

Hmmmm.. similar case in Bismarck not long ago...

Had a few German Russians dancing in the room above me in Rugby, ND a while ago...called the cops on them...

At 17 defrees right now, but 25 mph breezes drop the WCF to -1 ... disappointing, but not surprising ... I'm guessin' the record high @ Fargo for April 1 won't be broken tomorrow ... (IIRC, it wuz about 103 ... really ...)

It's a strange state, y virtue of my occupation, alot of the crazy ends up on my shift.....

So everyone, go to MOORHEAD and visit that Hjelmkost museum and OtH will be your guide !

Why do "controlled substances" create such "uncontrolled behavior"?
Given that he felt the need to cool off in a Fargo Spring, I could guess what the substance was.
Let's see... morning...hmmm. Hot coffee? He spilled some in his lap?

O the U I'm not bragging or anything but it's 72 and sunny here in N.C.

Daisy ... "room above ..."

I'm guessin y'all're citing the lodging on the south side of the highway (can't recall whut logo is out front now ... it's changed a few times over the years ... the other Inn is a bit less ... um ... "fancy" ... & the OTHER other one is even moreso ... less ...

Back in the "Road" years, I stayed in each ... but the one with the pool wuz nearest to "adequate" ...

I agree, after this winter, this behavior seems logical... It was 55 at 9pm last night...We didn't get the snow in Mpls but the temp and winds this morning are so nasty, I'm heading out to run around and scream.... with lots of fleece on.

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