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March 25, 2014


An Australian man allegedly caught riding a motorised chilly bin found himself in hot water after blowing more than six times the alcohol limit.

(Thanks to Joe in Japan)

In case you're wondering what a motorized chilly bin is:


(Photo by Bob Eighme)



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"Police raided the chilly bin, which they said was carrying 10 tallies (750ml bottles) of beer, two cask wine bags and up to six cans of Woodstock bourbon."

Bourbon comes in cans? Why haven't we thought of that?

cans of bourbon? Lock him up and throw the key away.

Motorised Chilly Bin opened for Men at Work.

He took the cooler instead of the car. I consider that responsible. How many people can you run over with a cooler?

Motorized cooler?

Gotta HAVE one of THOSE!!!

(Kidding ... I've already got one ...)

Gettin' an early start to the weekend!

And then gettin' an early end to the weekend!

"Due to the fact it is a petrol engine (the chilly bin) falls under the ambit of a motor vehicle under the Traffic Act," Morris said.

Who among us has not fallen under the ambit in our notorious youth?

As Will Smith said when he flew the alien spacecraft in Independence Day:

I have *GOT* to get me one of these!

You could buy a car for what they cost.

The young drunk's Hoveround.

down on the oregon coast, they had a beach-front brewpub and a bit down the sand a gated community. In between was a small town cop with nothing to do....
So after the boys got a few dui's, they started making go-carts for the beach....
This worked for years, drunks careeening down the beach in the dark, til some fool ran his mouth, and the coppers busted them all.

Bourbon in a can.
Flashback to the ad campaign for "Hiney Wine", "...the fine wine in a pop-top can". Also, "Even with your eyes closed, you can tell it's a Hiney."

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