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February 25, 2014


The urban hyenas that attack rough sleepers

(Thanks to John Mayson, who says "I saw Urban Hyenas open for The Clash at the Orange Bowl.")


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They're still around? I saw Urban Hyenas warming up for Mandrill back in '72. Helluva show.

'They are now living on the bed in his spare room. They are called Screamer and Stylo, Snooki & Jwoww ? and they are ugly-looking creatures. They destroy the mattress, the curtains, the cupboards - everything. They emit piercing high-pitched screams.'

Another reason we're only part of the food chain in Africa - because we are.

I've heard of rough drag before (NTTAWWT) but never rough sleeping.

I saw Rough Sleepers close for The Who when they ran out of guitars in the fourth song.

Enough about Justin and Mylie...

I have tickets to the cage fight between the Urban Hyenas and the Miami Metro-gators. Who wants to go?

Dingos on steroids. No laughing in Adis Ababa.

Very funny, but...ligirl...ever been to Walmart?
The same things happened there daily, especially the screams of "young hyeanas" whose parents...seem oblivious...

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