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February 28, 2014


Weeks after President François Hollande's affair with an actress was revealed, a Europe-wide survey has shown the French are the continent’s worst philanderers, while British are the least likely to cheat

(Thanks to Bill Hudgins)


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They know they will be safe there.

"Pole position"--heh!

Quell sruprise!

I've been faithful to my wife for 44 years.
But if I were to stray, I don't think I'd go for the "worst". I'd want someone pretty good at it.

"Philanderers?" No, they are scummy, lying tramps. Brits are least likely, but they're still at a whopping 42%.

And 'le snork' at Steve.

The French prefer to be known for philosophy rather than philandering: putting Descartes before the whores.

that would make them the Best Philanderers, not the worst.

Stupid survey, even more stupid reporting.

Isn't philanthropy a good thing ?

LeDud - who wants to give it away for free?

"Cheating British women came ... "

Implying that the faithful did not?

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