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February 25, 2014


Warren's genitals were tattooed with the phrase, "STRONG E nuf 4 A MAN BUT Made 4 A WOMAN."

(Thanks to Jon Harris, who says, "Ouch?")


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Most of the time, it just says,"STRONG WOMAN," though...

"Your Honor, I was just advertising Secret deodorant"

'welcome to jamaica, mon . . .'

Cell phone with a wide angle lens?

... gotta get one of those.

"Does He have any distinguishing marks or tattoos?"

"Yes, but it's hard to make out when He's aroused sir."

Shoddy journalism. No pictures.

I thought it might say "straw man" when "shrunk down".

Yeah, and when he isn't excited it reads, "SEN4AMBM4AW"

Font size, please. Nursecindy Inquiring minds want to know.

Agate, Annie ... after all, it's hard as a rock ...

Bailiff, whack his pee pee.

Officer, "Can I see your license."

Cheech, "It's on the bumper man."

- Dave's not here.

I don't think I've ever been that drunk.

Gives new meaning to "No animals were harmed in the making of this product."

Brett Favre accepts this challenge.

Could it be a Sharpie tatoo?

he spelled 'butt' wrong

I'm just impressed that he had enough room for all of that.

Most of the time it says STAN.

Really. I Can't imagine getting a tattoo. Let alone getting one on a genital. Where's the proof anyway.

Yes, where's his proof of concept and product testing proving that it is, indeed, strong enough for a man? We demand data! And video!*

Ok, not really. NTTAWWT

"STRONG E nuf 4 A MAN BUT Made 4 A WOMAN."
Looks more like he tweeted his weenie. What's wrong fella, not enough room 4 all 140 characters?

So curious about how that tattoo is LAID out! Must've been a HARD tattoo to do... Can't go too DEEP... Imagine the healing process!!

If your tattoo last longer than four hours...well, no big loss, anyway.

Not as oiginal as what Betty White once said, or her
recent Steve Harvey interview....

Then again, that kind of slogan doesn't mean he prefers women, does it????

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