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February 25, 2014


Beer 'cheaper than water' in shops

(Thanks to Mike G)


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That's funny. Sad though. Water should be cheap

Supply-demand - high demand lowers cost per unit. Basic beer hic! economics.

Funny thing dimwits, ever seen beer running out of the kitchen faucets in every house?

Anyone fool enough to pay a lot for water gets what they deserve. And anyone pushing to make a 'minimum' price for beer should be put in stocks to see the error of their ways.
Mind your own Beeswax, Miss BusyBody.

I can't swim back to the old sod, but I'll try my best to work over on a freighter.

I noticed once back in the 70s, I believe, that some beer cost less per six pack that some soft drinks (Coke, but I'll never tell).
So this is nothing new.
Oh, I don't remember seeing water being sold at that time.

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