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February 24, 2014


Missouri spelling bee runs out of words during 'legendary' showdown

(Thanks to Will Dooley)


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have them spell maize or maze. No matter what they answer, tell them they're wrong, that it should have been Mays.

Since the chosen date would involve a lot of travel, how about this relatively close venue:

Wednesday, March 19: Louisville, KY:

Venue Address: 301 York Street
Louisville, KY
502-574-1611 TEL.
Time: 7:00 PM
Format: Talk, Q&A, and Signing
Website Link

Eskimos have over forty words for 'snow.' Have at it, Missouri.

Take a few from " Ulysses ".

I have over forty words for 'snow,' but none can be mentioned in polite company.

It was Lengend - wait for it - ary.

If proper names are allowed, my last name has defeated experts. Many cannot even say it, despite my guidance.
That aside, I have great admiration for ones so young with such a mastery of English spelling.
Note that we so rarely hear of a spelling bee in Spanish.

Back in high school, a guy decided to memorize the dictionary in order to study for the SAT's. He got as far as "aardvark" and got sidetracked. After modeling a clay aardvark in art class, campaigning to change the school mascot from a lion to an aardvark, etc. he gave the whole school a bad case of alphabetitis. He aced the SAT's anyway.

Some people have brains that can memorize obscure spelling; others have other talents, like running into hydrants.

They have no oed in the libe? Whut?

Must not have had “stethoscopological” on the list of words.



QB...eggzackly: "We're going to need a bigger dictionary"!

And amen, will

Time to dust off that old volume of Sniglets.

If all else fails it's time for a cage match. Two go in, one comes out.

I know Nurse Cindy is hot.
But does she really NEED a fan?

Hey, everybody on my block is a fan. Now on D-block they're big fans of pirateboy. Someone got shanked over that last week.

I never run out of words. Kourbash. Ancipital.

Leave my fan alone Steve! You really think I'm hot???

They don't have Spelling Bee in Poland - nobody could spell "Szczebrzeszyn" (a city in Poland, or "Konstantypolitanczykowna" (a female from Constantinopolis).

Cow. C O W E I E I O.

Eschew obfuscatory hyperpolysyllabic sesquipedalianism.

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