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February 24, 2014


Naked man walks the Rickenbacker Causeway; motorists get eyeful

This has been the Miami Traffic Report.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Why is he on the Causeway? Because.

Bridge to better days.

- Joe Bonamassa

They call him The Streak.

Nothing like a full moon over the Florida penisula.

When the day comes that we can't walk the Rickenbacker Causeway naked, then the terrorists have won. It looks like the Miami Herald put a diaper on him.

Speaking of terrorists, nursecindy, are you going to get more snow this week?

We may get a few flurries, so they say so I'm not putting the shovel away quite yet.

I blame the Visigoths.


At least it wasn't Rob Ford.

"Within minutes, Miami-Dade units arrived at hauled the unidentified man away...."

"Hauled away", as in used a tow truck? It must have been the Eyeful Tower.

My daughter once told me about a naked guy she saw downtown in her college town.
"Don't worry, Daddy," she said, "I didn't see his package."
I felt better. I think.

and in Europe they have fancy beaches full of them,
Muricans are such lame prudes.

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