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February 27, 2014


The broadcast of the highlights from Ross County's game with St Mirren was delayed on Saturday, because it took five hours to edit out all the swearing from the terraces.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Been there, heard that.

Why don't they take the other approach and just show the goals scored? That'll take two minutes.

Key quote:

Ross County won the ******* match 2-1, thanks to a late ******* goal from Melvin De ******* Leeuw.

Shoot! That could have been educational.
I don't think I know that many seven-letter swear words.
What a screwup.

Swear words in Gaelic are longer, Steve.

They could have just deleted the entire audio track and substituted Yakety Sax.

They tried to show the game with sound from studio announcers but the announcers refused on the grounds that soccer "without swearing is too &^%$ing boring for anyone to *&^%ing watch."

I would have suggested the soundtrack from the Benny Hills Show chase scenes, but the geezer bus arrived early.

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