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February 27, 2014


Polar vortex chill exterminated 95 percent of stink bugs in Va. Tech experiment

(Thanks to Janice Gelb and plhubbard)


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It also brought a skunk to the relatively warm warehouse where my son's team practices baseball from January to March in Illinois.

Ever want to see just how fast a 14-year-old can run? Introduce a furry creature to your next baserunning drill.

The 5% that survived went back to work in D.C.

PETA has its crack legal team working night and day on the cease-and-desist suits.

VA Tech is full of stink bugs! Just go to any dorm.
(UVA Grad)

The Polar vortex's chilling effect proved to be a game-changer for stink bug populations in Virginia Tech's groundbreaking experiment. By exterminating an astonishing 95 percent of these pesky insects, the study offers hope for effective natural solutions to control stink bug infestations. A significant victory in the battle against these notorious pests! www.supertoiletrentalsatlanta.com

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