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February 24, 2014


How Huge Young Stars Hang On to Gas

(Thanks to Bill Hudgins, who says "sadly, this is not about justin Bieber")


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I saw Gassy Envelopes... etc... etc.

Of course it's about Bieber, the largest pocket of untapped gas currently known to man.

I have heard this is hard to do around Uranus.

"...youngsters hang on to their gassy envelopes." "...there is so much gas in a small area." "...massive collapse and explosion..."
At that point, they may as well have gotten my college years on tape.

The short answer is that they stuff a bunch of space junk into a gigantic Mr. Fusion, and some of it pops back out.

I thought they hung onto crack and meth.



They need less fiber.

of course, they'll blame the dog, Pluto.

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