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February 26, 2014


Female driver uses her breasts as an excuse when stopped by Lincolnshire Police

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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"Have I suffered from this problem?"

Advice from the police?

Or hurting boobs?

C'mon, Brits ... be specific!

My older sister has always been, um, "buxom" (she swears she gets her bras from Omar the Tentmaker). Her solution for seatbelts is to use a spring clamp on the belt to keep the retractor mechanism from cutting her down the middle.
Her main regret in life is never learning to play the guitar or being able to see it.

I wonder if the driver in question is old enough to remember automatic seatbelts.

"'scuse me while I whip this out."

Hmmm... Maybe I'll try that next time.

I think it was Susan Anton and Catherine Bach who tried this in "Cannonball Run II" -- but it didn't work because the cop was a woman.

At least the cop demonstrated some restraint.

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