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February 24, 2014


Bums bared in bid to break world record for the largest nude ocean swim

Advisory: Bared bums.

(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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Sharks are naked, too.


whoa... near-simul mind meld with m-tomato.

Going back to bed.

Annie and manual, one of you should be worried about that.

There's Flipper M8.

Finally! A couple of male bums I don't mind seeing! That's disgusting.

After the Olympics comes the Bare Olympics.

Good idea, Clankazoid!

there are nude oceans?

I would, but I hate scaring the sharks.

Bums are naked down under? Who knew?

yea but do sharks bite off the dangly bits ?

I'd have serious shrinkage.
(Caused by the cold water, you perverts!)

re: Hogs
Indecent hobos. (I know, they probably opened for someone, but then that's when the problem started.)

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