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February 22, 2014


Woman arrested after repeatedly dialing 911 while in shopping cart

(Thanks to Matt Filar and Jeff Meyerson)

There was only one of her, so police used the express arrest lane.


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I must admit this is new to me, even in Florida. You see a lot of people wheeling their dogs in strollers and you see a lot of (mostly large) people riding those mobility scooters, but you don't usually see 40 year old women sitting in shopping carts .

She was a philosophy major in college, and enjoyed riding horses as her hobby.

She stopped riding, when, in order to keep her grades up, she was forced to put Descartes before da horse.

Hard to believe she didn't show up for her court date. Probably couldn't get her cart started that day.

Publix...Where shopping is a pleasure.

A shopping cart! Oh, my, I say!
That looks like the ride I'll take today!
Not much in the way of comfort, I see,
And that seat in the front is too thin for me,
But a shopping cart!
A shopping cart!

I am available for lyric-writing jobs.

'There was only one of her . . .'

yup. she was a la cart

Police quickly assessed she was a basket case.

- now she's known as 'blanche'

Soon to be a new Fix drama:

It began in her childhood, when her mother put her in a Publix shopping cart, and told her she was safe there....

[Eerie music starts playing}

That was supposed to be Fox drama, or Faux drama...
half a dozen of one, six of the other....

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