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February 24, 2014


Here's a nice review of my new book from a mom blogger who is clearly very discerning.


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You wrote a book?

Is the new book a prequel or sequel to Dave Barry Turns 40?

I'm wounded, Dave. I pre-ordered this book on January 9, within several nanoseconds of learning of its (not "it's") existence. The estimated delivery date is a week from tomorrow. And now you flaunt the fact that others will have a full week of LTheirRespectiveAssesO before I even crack the cover? For shame...

I preordered your book yesterday. Can't wait to read it. I was 12 when I went on my first date.

Thought of you today, Dave. I was singing along with the car radio - song lyrics were "I'm feeling frisky."

I sang "I'm feeling fifty."

Mixed feelings - ashamed of botching lyrics, but proud I was able to carry the funny thought all the way home and write it down.

" Dave is 65 now (I know!) and contemplating his own mortality "

" I feel happy ! "

CLearly a very discerning reader indeed. I have not ordered a copy as I plan to make the best of take advantage of being in Florida to get a copy in person along with fellow bloglits Mad Scientist & Mike Weasel (and their offspring) at a South Florida Event in a couple of weeks.

Oh, and Happy Birthday to Sophie.

Every day you laugh means you'll live for another day.
Thanks to Dave Barry, I am now immortal.

She had me at "Mr. Language Person", my all-time favorite columns of Dave's.

Over to the Library's website, and I'm #27 in the hold queue for it. Looking forward to it!

It's not that our feeling are hurt or anything, but we would not review your new book under any circumstances.

Unless you send us a copy.

In which case, you have never seen such slutty strumpetting.

I've had my copy pre-ordered for months! I can't wait to get it.

Try to imagine the fantastic review I would write if you send me a copy. Then think about doing it. Then do it.

Judi, if I sent you a large SASE, and perhaps a picture of a guy in a kilt, could you send the Left Coast a free "promotional copy"?

This reviewer does seem a little clueless not to know that Dave has written 2714 books since the column days stopped.

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