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February 26, 2014


Mother claims self-defense after tearing scrotum of former 'on-off' boyfriend, 57, during violent row

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Genital Hospital?

I once worked with a guy who graduated from Ball State University. He said it was also known as Testicle Tech.

Sounds like it was badly torn. Hopefully he can put it behind him.

No skin off my balls.

un-ball-ievable ! lol

The Ball brothers were generous donors to the community. At the David Owsley Museum of Art at Ball State University, you can find many paintings hung by the Balls.

I'm guessing it'll be "off" from now on.

First of all: Owww! She obviously wanted a souvenir of their relationship.

When you care enough to rend the hairy beast.

Good one, Annie!

A Hallmark moment - she gave him something to re-member.

Making whine by picking grapes (crosses legs reflexively).

She's probably going to flee the country to her summer home in Balsac, France.

"Chaucer, Rebalais, Balllllll-[s]ac"

A simple misunderstanding - he told her to cut him some slack.

I'm curious about the 'personal device' he was wearing down there. Maybe a piercing that he borrowed money from her to get? 'Cuz payback can be a beeyotch.

Annie, you're having waaaaaaay too much fun with this one!

Even *I* clenched over this one. ><

PS - your "previous" link is not working on this page.

Delaware County would have to be Ball Memorial, he said without reading any further.

I often (privately) referred to the university as BS University.

Nursecindy - they always tell you to write what you know. I don't usually listen but...

Annie--re the "personal device" down there--see the MTV Awards parody of "Lord of the Rings" with Jack Black and Sarah Michelle Gellar

PG-13 and maybe NSFW warning...but hilarious. :)

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