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February 26, 2014


New Hyundai Vehicle Fueled By Poo

(Thanks to Monique)


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Dung powered.

Hydrogen, eh? what's the worst that could happen ?

How do the good people of Tuscan feel about this car?

The Tucson’s three-year lease — about $3,000 down and then nearly $500 a month – will include maintenance and unlimited hydrogen refueling at a dozen pumps around California. Its tank takes about three minutes to fill depending on how much ex-lax you have consumed.

The Hyunda Hindenburg.

The Tucson? Oh, the humidity!

Oh, that is so full of s**t!

Could I fill it up at the Dave Barry Lift Station #16?

Fill up at your local Taco Bell.

i would totally have mine fitted out with an elaborate system to make loud fart noises when fueling and i would video the reactions of those nearby...

and "hi, motw!"

Good news, they will run out of poo sometime.

Unless they live in D.C.....

smooches - Hi, mud! Yes, agreed. Since electric cars are fitted with loud masculine revving sound bites, then I nominate you to be in charge of fart bites.

Wait .. that doesn't sound right.

Sounds just right for the President's limo. Put him inside and never stop for gas again.

Must be a Poop De Ville.

It was the Kia that farted. Really!

Sounds like my '77 Skylark.

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