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February 27, 2014


Utah students caught smoking pot in igloo on campus

(Thanks to Ryan Jentzsch)


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We're Engineering majors, dude.

when i was in college we made a teepee.

When I was in pre-school I made a peepee. Then I got to wear big boy pants.

Matanuska Thunderchill.

They're called Stonerkimos.

How would students be able to find drugs on a college campus?

How? When I was in school, we went to see the Tooth Fairy.
See, he was in Dental School and that was what he called himself when with friends.
Dental School is, apparently, expensive.

Meanwhile, ski areas are hunting down and razing the 'rest huts' hidden here and there on ski mountains.

Hmm, back in college we would just go outside for a little "fresh air" if we were someplace that didn't already smell like pot. Of course, I didn't go to school in Mormon country and it in those days it was doubtful if half of the faculty could have passed a whiz quiz, much less the students.

Everybody knows that the grass is supposed to be under the snow in winter.

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