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February 26, 2014


Massive maple syrup spill snarls Oklahoma traffic

(Thanks to Jay Brandes and Bill Hudgins, who says "we're gonna need a lot more pancakes.")


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Making maple syrup for the pancakes of our land!

Police have nothing to goo on.

"...but the sticky substance is making roads slippery."

That makes no sense, at all.

Tragic news for any turtles crossing the road.

I've never experienced slippery maple syrup. Maybe they meant elm syrup instead?

48,000 gallons of syrup - for 1 Braum's Restaurant (southern version of Dairy Queen)??? This simply cannot be. That poor restaurant would have nowhere to store it.

And the truck wouldn't be able to haul it. Figure 10 lbs per gallon....that's 480,000 pounds of syrup.....or 240 tons of syrup.

I know this is hard to believe, but I think the reporter got a fact or two wrong!

Is this why all the Canadians are headed towards Oklahoma now?

Gonna need more pankcakes.


Since when has reporting cared about being accurate?
But thanks anyway. :)


I agree - no issues there. It's just that when I read the article and saw the "48,000 gallons of syrup" amount, it didn't seem right...had to run the numbers.

We run the numbers as well. Usually into the ground. :)

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