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February 25, 2014


Update: Hey, thanks to all those who voted. You guys are great.

My daughter, Sophie, is taking part in  a project at her school, Carver Middle in Miami. They could use your help, if you have a couple of minutes.

Here's an explanation from Mrs. Blog:

Sophie is heading to Austin, TX, with one other student and her science teacher next week as Carver Middle School is one of 15 national finalists for a $140,000 SAMSUNG grant. There were 2,300 applicants, and Carver already won the state contest ($20,000 of science equipment), and advanced to national contest, where they were selected Top 15. In Austin, they will present their project to SAMSUNG panel of judges and a convention of educators. Top 5 earn more grant $ up to $140,000 for first prize (Sophie goes to a public school, and they could all the help they can get). The project, which Sophie has been very involved in, is about testing local schoolyards and parks for lead and arsenic and compelling public officials to clean up where toxins are found. One of the 5 finalists will be chosen by Social Media voting. If you have a minute, and want to help, click here and vote for Carver. Takes 1 minute. They will ask for your e-mail address only to confirm that you vote just once per day:) Thanks.

If you watch the video, the first voice you'll hear is Sophie's.


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I tried but it didn't go through (I waited about about 5 minutes. Maybe it'll work from home. I'll keep trying and post it on my Facebook page as well! Good luck Sophie!!!!

They grow up so fast, don't they? That's one thing NYC has always been on top of, getting the lead and other dangerous elements out.

I voted. Good luck to Sophie & Carver.

I'm in line behind ubetcha, I think. The site needs to get the lead out.

Too soon?

Good luck. I voted for Carver

I voted but took forever re did so on my kindle and had to reload keyboard for every letter.

Shameless strumpeting for Sophie's school. (hooray!)

This is a very worthy project. I posted it to my Facebook page. Spread the word.

Yay! I voted - easy peasy.

Had a similar issue growing up on the Hudson River - GE dumped tons of PCBs into the Mohawk, polluting both rivers for years, all the way to NYC. Dave may recall. I worked on the Clearwater with Pete Seeger to raise awareness.
Go, Sophie, go!

Dave's daughter is winning a national science fair? Wow, those recessive genes sure pack a punch, don't they?

Done, and good luck

p.s. The rules clearly say you can vote "only once a day." See y'all tomorrow....

(Hey, this is fairer than usual for a Florida voting system.)

ShaMeless Dave,
I voted !

Posted to my two twitter accounts, Facebook, AND I voted! Good luck to Carver!

And I say do like they do in Chicago: Vote early, and vote often!

Voted! Good luck! I hope they win

Just because Dave is one of my all-time personal heroes, I didn't do a knee-jerk response. I carefully read all the project descriptions, and concluded that there are a whole bunch of bright kids out there, and that they are tackling a ton of very important stuff that ALL needs doing. Kudos to them all, and to their hard-working teachers and faculty sponsors!

Then I voted for Carver.

*raises hand* I voted, and will spread the word.

I voted! Go forth and do good works!

I voted! I hope I don't get spammed now!

Done and done.

As Ned Flanders would say, "Done, diddly, done. "


'Nuff said.

A wonderful project. I also voted.

Done! Glad that I voted in a Florida election even though I don't live in the U.S. but I guess that's normal.

Done, Sir.

I voted!

I trust Dave will make sure the presentation to the judges involves an official Science Fair Project tri-fold cardboard display.

I'm hoping that Dave manages to sneak in Mentos and Diet Coke without getting caught.

late 2 the party, but i'm in

good luck sophie & friends !

Voted. Go Sophie!

Way to go, Sophie!! I so voted. :)


Good luck, Sophie.

Thank you for registering to vote. Please check your inbox for a confirmation.

Good luck to Sophie and Carver! my niece and nephew went there.

Done. Go Sophie and Carver!


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