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February 03, 2014


In case you missed it because you fell asleep during the first quarter of the Super Bowl -- a wise decision on your part -- they showed a trailer for 24: Live Another Day. It features Jack, Chloe, explosions and shooting. We are in heaven.


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Screaming helps Jack shoot more accurately.

The burning upside down Mini with the Union Jack on painted on the roof was a nice touch.

So who did he shoot in the thigh after the perimeter failed?

Oh so That's why Chloe looks like trailer trash

That was definitely the highlight of the game, Dave.

The lowlight (other than the Broncos' playing) was the bizarre Dylan ad for Chrysler. I mean, WTFBBQ?

The problem with Dylan's Chrysler ad was that you could actually understand what he said.

Why was Dylan shilling for an Italian car company anyway?

The king of hippies has officially sold out. The 60's are finally over. Thank god.

24 - the trailer

♫ Trailer for Jack to rent
Undercover resident
No phone, no bugs, no moles
But it's full of bullet holes
ah, but ... 24hrs full of doom
'Dammit, Chloe - there's no room'!!!
I'm a man who pleads what he needs:
Things to explode !

Chloe looks like she's having a bad hair day in that commercial.

Good one ligirl ! PERIMETER !

Kudos ligirl!

Jack and Chloe haven't been sewn together, have they? Combining the powers of each into one awesome…. wait wait wait... oh man…even the 24 writers wouldn't do that.

nah, steve (t24g) - the heat from all the explosions just melted their pleather together

ok, & that music So sounds like a slowed down While My Guitar Gently Weeps intro

We have 3 months to get our perimeters in place. My perimeter will be established in front of the TV.

im not sure i will be able to handle chloe sans sweater. not sure at all.

the excitement mounts

Is the Amazing Steve (the 24 guy) going to give play by play once again? I look forward to it, if so, but
no one wiould blame you if you sat it out either, as
you have done well beyond your public service. Dave,
we do expect (and hope for) a synopsis from you but it could be delayed if you have ...umm...other thighs to shoot, etc.

I did forget to add one caveat to both Dave and the Amazing Steve (the 24 guy):

WHatever you do, have lots of fun! That is all.

That "order" was signed by Colenel Klink, Captain Binghamtom, Colenel Potter and all the big wigs of
(some say imaginary) TV land.

Yes, if the regular "24" thing is done here, I'd be happy to post the play by play summaries.

I can barely wait for Jack to be back! And the sooner the better - he has some catching up to do (the "money shot" is at 1:08).

Slow clap for lilgirl


I watched the Puppy Bowl

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