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January 13, 2014


Taxpayers Paid Nearly $175M for Penis Pumps Between 2006 and 2011

(Thanks to Loudmouth)


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snork at "hard at work"

So taxpayers, not to mention certain body parts, are
being shafted?

Lawsuits for everyone (who approved the payments)!!!

And yet our gubment is still limp.

That 'large sucking sound' is your government at work.

I had no idea they even had a medical use. I thought they were merely the tawdry toys of pudgy cheese-wielding snubby-willies.

Probably down, though, from White House PP expenses 1992-2000.

Yes, but it was a very good one.

So does this mean they actually work? I always heard they were a scam.

www.goog...sorry, forgot to switch windows.

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