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January 15, 2014


Woman hires stripper for her 100th birthday

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Did that muffin-top cost extra?

Hey, safer than bungee jumping. Possibly.

What's this about 100 year old strippers...?

I expected to see a stripper, not some guy.

Shoddy journalism. No pictures of the male stripper.

Is that a tattoo or a liver spot?

Medicare probably will cover this.

Her mother was not pleased, however.

What a 100th Birthday for her. Too funny

The queen, or queens plural, goes there alot.

I'll invite Betty White. She's just turning 92....

This one has several more pictures.

I say anyone who makes it to 100 years old can have a stripper if they darn well please!

You can always tell them that they did have a stripper for their birthday. They won't remember anyway. Or buy them slippers. When they complain, say,"Ooooh, we thought you said slippers, not strippers. Next year, for sure!"

Geez, I read that as "hires a striper". I mean, what's the big deal about hiring a fish, particularly in this economy.

She brought along her own bottle of baby oil?

I guess that beats bringing someone else's bottle of the stuff!

Holy mole-y!

Why is granny rewriting the Will?

Plus also.


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