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January 18, 2014


American Apparel debuts pubic hair on mannequins

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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As if we needed another reason.

I've never shopped there and never will. I told that to a certain blog person (see above post for their name) and they told me they probably wouldn't let me in anyway because I'm not a hipster. Now I want to shop there.

Brillo or SOS?

Bikini Wax Mobile will take care of that!!!

Nursecindy, ready to roll, don't forget the firearms!

Next: Braided armpit hair?

They're secretly supporting that Texas politition. You know, George something.

shag carpets are so '70s

We should talk about beavers. No reason.

OLD (how old? REALLY old!!!) gnus ... some college buddies had "hairy mannequins" with interior lighting diplayed in their apartment ... one could tell the stage of the party by whether "the girls" had been "turned on" ...

That wuz in the 60s ... when there were still sum folks who'd not yet been led astray by the Zip to Zap, or Woodstock ... (no names, please)

I'm feeling a little mannequin depressive...

I'm with you, P.B.

When hipster commerce goes bad and different becomes the same. Beating the bushes to get headlines.

chks in glasses are hot...

For some reason, the phrase "male mannequin stiffy" comes to mind.

Merkins for Mannequins WBAGNFARB

i like the new lifelike look. they should keep going in this direction and add some recorded monologues - you know, the old "you know what your problem is" speech. that would be lifelike.

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