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January 29, 2014


'Bizarre' eel incidents worry Taieri Gorge train driver

(Thanks to Bill Moore)



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"...the train operators buried the eel at sea..."
Was there an official ceremony?

Apparently not the inspiration for this Three Dog Night song: Eel-Eye's Coming.

I saw the Bizarre Eel Incidents open for the Sexual Cannibal Spiders at Burning Man a couple years ago. Heckuva show.

They sowed him up in his hammock, with a twelve-pound shot at the foot. The Captain read the familiar, moving words as the pathetic remains of ... Wow. Sorry. Patrick O'Brian flashback. Time for coffee.

Cruelty to eels is off the scales.

Cruelty to any animal is unacceptable.
Politicians may be the exception to this rule, but only cruelty in return to the extent that they have given.

Anyone remember who was supposed to have died of a surfeit of eels?

It was an eeluva train ride.

max: Supposedly it was
King Henry I (1068-1135) of England,
but I doubt it. He didn't have a hovercraft.

" The Third World Chef " recommends this method for tenderizing eels. There are better ways to tenderize hovercraft.

No politicians should be stripped naked [and laughed at] on random thursdays to discourage the grifters [we have] from becoming poilitrixcians, and then slipping like snakes back into the corporate snake hive they came from.

It thought it was John Lackland, but I'm easily confused WRT those eel-squeezing Sassenach.

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