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January 30, 2014


New York man pleads guilty to smuggling nearly 40,000 piranhas into the U.S.

(Thanks to ScottMGS)


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Think you used enough piranhas, Butch?

Would this punishment involve a lap pool and a Speedo made out of ground sirloin?

Does the fellow who counted them all have any fingers left ?

Tastes like chicken?

Don't worry - they won't last long in New York.

Although they'd flourish in Florida....

Piranhas are illegal to possess in New York City, but there are about 75,000 lawyers in NYC. I think NYC would be a much nice place if they had 40,000 piranhas instead of 75,000 lawyers.

max, first we'd have to have scientists work out a method for telling them apart. Plus ya got all the ex-wives in there...

When did you ever hear of anyone being bitten by a pet piranha? They are very skittish fish in an aquarium; if you even come near their tank they try to swim away.

The danger in Florida is that they will breed if released, but they won't survive a NY winter. The NY lawyers and brokers just don't want the competition.

put them in the Central Park lake and let the Wall Street Banksters who seem to think they can walk-on-water cross over. You first Jamie Dimon!

Honest, Officer, some guy left them in my car! Those aren't MY piranhas!

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