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January 04, 2014


College offering degree in beer

(Thanks to nursecindy)


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Frankenmuth Pilsner Beer is tasty. There is a lot to the fermentation of beer. I don't drink much of it. 2 beers a month maybe.

nursecindy - thank you so much for setting up this degree! May you win a Pulitzer Pilsner. Cheers!!!

Thank you, nursecindy, for arranging for this degree. I owe you a beer. AKA 3 credits.

This is one field of study that I would do extra homework for. I'd be reading ahead, as it were. Cramming for tests....

I'm happy to do anything I can for this blog.

It beats Sports Management for getting a job.

Would a DUI help or hinder your studies ?

I have a PhD in tequila. Working on my vodka Masters.

I majored in g&t.

Will this count toward my Chemistry Major ?

I spilled beer on my diploma once.
Does that get me any credit?

Since 1958, UC Davis has offered a unique specialization in brewing science as part of its undergraduate degree program in fermentation science.

There are numerous other college level courses throughout the country in this aspect of the food and beverage industry.

A Drunkterate of Science.

Twenty years ago, when I was attending community college, we noticed there was a non-credit course offered in beer tasting.

I cannot comment on this particular article because I do not accept third-party cookies.

All classes will start at 5 o'clock.

20 years ago my DC firm designed a brewpub in NC, glad to see these guys are all over this 'new' trend!

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