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January 29, 2014


British woman suffers from fear of newspapers

(Thanks to Omniskeptic)


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We had a dog like that. Maybe her dad smacked her with the paper when she was little.

Chloe-phobia ?

Yeah, that's one of the reasons I sent it in. I was hoping someone could explain it.

Usually the result of My Weekly Reader trauma in childhood.

I'm often afraid of my local paper, too, but it usually has something to do with their lack of content.

Chloephobia should nothing to do with newspapers, it obviously refers when Chloe was a Greek Goodness and all those terrible things happened to her daughter. Chloephobia is a more generic fear of getting bad news (usually about people close to you, like learning your daughter was kidnapped). From the description it sounds more like papryphobia (fear of paper) to me, the fear being oriented to the physical newspaper rather than the contents. Chloephobia originates from a fear of newspapers as bearing bad news, not from a fear of newspapers as physical objects, so I would recommend her getting a second diagnosis since it much easier to treat papryphobia than chloephobia.

I have Edgarphobia - the fear of large, dead things.

I suffer from acogniphobia, a fear of news media that make you say "What were they thinking?"

I am afflicted with National Enquirer Rationality Deficiency Syndrome, or NERDS. I am unable to stand in line at supermarkets.

My father called my mother a "Fart Blossom" once when they were arguing.
And I still fearlessly eat stuff that makes Beano moan.
(My mother got tickled and they both wound up laughing. End of argument.)

So did she contact UPI herself with this story, or was the reporter acting on a tip?

And I have an irrational fear of the government spying on me, I know it sounds crazy, BUT, oh yea, they are spying on me and you and some dude in brazil, AND they are reading this as you read it and I type it. GOHD Bless Amurica.

She doesn't have to worry much longer.

this is a real 'fear'? honestly? dont go to newspaper kiosks. jeez

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