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January 28, 2014


Most respondents - 95% - said they'd definitely done it with a pet in the room.

(Thanks to Joe in Japan)


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Of course, duh. Somebody's got to run the camera.

Just one pet?

I'm in the "So long as it doesn't try to participate." list. - Too weird.

My dog thought that I was being attacked. Jumped on "other participant's" back.

Really ruined the moment.

Fish and reptiles are not interested if it isn't food.

It is not like animals care if we are around when they do it.

'. . . i can haz wut she's hazzing ? '

Well, yes, but it can make one self-conscious about one's choice of position.

Had a few very close encounters with the dog's cold nose. But other than that...meh.

Hmm...does using a collar and leash count?


Does a llama count?

Yeah, and you know what pets look like they want to say is Really? Must you in front of me. They have that look

Is there anything you want to share, Theresa? We're all friends here.

Back in November, Catster covered this same question. I'll let you'uns copy the link if you are so interested.


Cats don't care, as long as there's still room somewhere on the bed for their Very Important Nap.

Interestin' that responses say "no problem" to sex in front of domesticated animals, but nobuddy mentions the idea is sex "behind" them critters ... ITKWIM ... AIPSYD ...

dang ... "of" ... not "is" ...

I apologize most sincerely and profusely for my egregious typographicalistic attack of the clammydamps ...

"Most respondents - 95% - said they'd definitely done it with a pet in the room."

It took me several tries to get the intended meaning of that statement. Boy, did I feel sheepish.

Which merely proves, MtB, the importance of commas ... whether comin' or goin' ...

Not sure, OtU, where one would add a comma to clear up the impression that 95% of respondents had given the dog a bone, so to speak.

There's that mini moment of 'uuugh' after you've read "done it with a pet" and before you read "in the room."

As soon, MtB, as y'all figger out comma placement, sumbuddy'll come along & comment on a rule change ...
Personally, I'd recast the sentence, but I sense that's too sensible ...

It's a kind of English-teacher steganography. If you diagram that sentence, you get an erotic picture. NSA still hasn't figured it out.

We have three dogs who have "seen it all".. Just think how it was back when people lived in one room houses or apartments, all sleeping in the same room.. Now that's pressure..

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