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January 30, 2014


Woman seeks hospitalization to avoid blind date

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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I met the ex-Mrs. Layzee on a blind date. Why didn't I think of this?

Huh. I've tried this to avoid taking out the garbage, doing my taxes and commenting on the fit of a female's jeans... but using it to avoid a blind date never occurred to me.

I've been treated for a knee injury at Hankou Hospital. It's a great teaching hospital. Maybe her relatives could set her up on a blind date with one of the interns.

What part of, "*#@& you, you $#!%-eating pile of &^$**%&$^## and the *(^%$*&& you rode in on!" don't they understand?

I met MB(RH?) on a blind date ... um ... good thing she din't think of this escape plan then ...

Back when I was young(er), I believe I may have either dated this girl or or twin sister. She called me the day of a Barbra Streisand concert to cancel her plans with me, saying she had "forgotten" her parents 50th anniversary party was that night.

(And I had purchased the tickets 6 months earlier)

Who among us hasn't done the exact same thing? PirateBoy, I would have gone with you.

I know for a fact nursecindy wishes she had done this more than once.

Hu Hongtao, the doctor, told the paper Wang had a panic attack

wangs have panic attacks - hu knew ?

"Wang Yan, an alias, 29,... told the paper she is afraid to celebrate the holiday, because more than 10 of her relatives always ask her to go on blind dates."

Nice family! I think a better alias would have been "O Hail No."

ligirl ... when Wangs have panic attacks, they're not up to the task ...

I think these attacks on blind people are just cruel. Don't they have the right to date like others?...

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