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January 31, 2014


TSA confiscates water bottle, but not pot

(Thanks to Craig Roberts)


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Dave's not here, Man!

To be fair, no one's tried to blow up an airplane with marijuana. And it's usually carried in clear resealable baggies.

Haven't looked at the story yet, just guessing here: Denver International Airport?

Key phrase:

"For the size of a traveler's shampoo bottle, you can serve an entire urban high school and get them stoned,"

When I was in high school, it took multiple plates of 'artificially enhanced' brownies.

Micro-miniaturization. Technology at it's finest.

"Carrying marijuana in a civilian aircraft is illegal under federal regulations."

Must not apply to military aircraft.

a drop-box where travelers can toss excess weed hasn't been used

Maybe it's just being "emptied" on an hourly basis by helpful TSA staff.

In Washington state, you can buy pot legally (or will be able to soon), but you can't buy a 60 watt incandescent light bulb. Seems odd.

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