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January 18, 2014


Research Shows It’s Better To Run To Best Nearby Shelter After Nuclear Detonation Blast

(Thanks to Roberto and Samuel Sprague)


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Procedure for when you see a nuclear explosion:
Turn your back to the blast.
Get on your knees.
Grab your ankles
Kiss your a$$ goodbye.

I was told: "When you see an atomic blast drop down, and crawl to a nearest cemetery".

That's certainly the way we learned it, wiredog.

I thought you were suppose to climb under your desk and put your arms over your head. Isn't this the proper way to do it?

DUCK and COVER!!!!

Ah, memories of my childhood.

Climb in an old refrigerator. It worked for Indy.

I saw a mushroom cloud out my window last year. It took me a few seconds to realize my neighbor had lit his wood stove, and the cloud wasn't as far away or as large as it first appeared.

More shelter advice.

And never bring a knife to a nuclear exchange.

Or wrap yourself in duct tape and liberally anoint with WD-40. Protected by the silvery stuff and the fallout will slip right off.

Yeah Mikey, we cowered under elementary desks back then, too.

AND the secret to surviving a nuke, do not live near a military base or big city.
Nobody wastes a nuke on poodunk, nebraska

If you see a nuclear detonation and live to tell about it, just stand there and see what super powers you're going to get.

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