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January 13, 2014



"Things will be blowing up - cars, double decker buses, things like that."

Yay: "I have a lot of people who refuse to call me anyone but Chloe," she said.

(Thanks to Anne Keroff, Jeff Meyerson and Daniel Sellers)

Wait... 12 episodes?


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So which seasons did they have more than 12 episodes worth watching anyway?

The best news appears to be that the writers actually have a plot all planned out, so they won't be winging it throughout.


*drinks, repeatedly*

Who can we write to about bringing back Marwan?

Here is no excuse for this.

Hooray. The wooden dialogue generator doesn't have to work for PBS anymore.

Damnit Chloe, there's no time!

It's been close to two years since Dave used the 24 tag.


Bauer will

a) get lost in the Underground, London's subway
b) be approached for sex in Kings' Crossing
c) shout more than a few Londoners in the thigh

I can hardly wait!!!

c was supposed to be "shoot" stupid fingers!

Or maybe its my laptop angry since I ran a full antivirus today...

Yet, this is good news but... it's not all good.

Jeff, it does present problems, but maybe the writers will finish her off this time...for good..

we can only hope...

It's in London? Great.

"Chloe, I need you to hack Buckingham Palace security, raise London Bridge, reverse the Underground trains, and shut down Heathrow!"

click click click *ZAP* click click

"OK Jack, it's done. I would have been done sooner but some idiot in a red jacket with a buffalo or something on his head messed with me and I had to tase him."

So we can safely assume there's a tunnel for frogmen to enter Buckingham Palace? Which, actually, explains Camilla and Charles.

Oh my, I am all a quiver!

I would like Jack to shoot the treacherous under-butler on "Downton Abbey" and then swoop in just in time to save Sherlock as he jumps off the building.

WARNING: If he sees a blue police box, Jack should just run away...

12 episodes because that's the conversion to British Pounds.

I can't wait til they discover a barn hidden in thickly forested land in Piccadilly Circus!

"Get back to me as soon as you can." [hangs up]

I only watched the first two seasons and Jack must have said that line 600 times. And his cell phone battery never died.

Garg...Also, for similarly inexplicable reasons, neither did Jack

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