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January 15, 2014


How did toast become the latest artisanal food craze?

(Thanks to Jon Harris)


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linky no worky.

Ditto mudstuffin.

Did someone mention Toast?

I hate those f*#king hipsters.

It's about some @ss clown selling ONE SLICE of toast for $3 each, in San Francisco.

I had no idea I was being "arty" this morning when I had toast for breakfast. Does this mean cronuts are on their way out?

I went to this link expecting only to extract a few yuks, but I found myself reading the whole damn thing. Maybe it's just me, but that was one of the best written and most moving stories I've read in a very long time. Incredible. And I even learned that "twee" is an actual, real word. Seriously guys, thanks for linking to that one – I probably never would have seen it otherwise.

I live near Bev Hills. The fact that there are people begging for clothes next to stores that sell 200 dollar shoes too uncomfortable to ever wear is quite depressing.

Yes cindy, they are now trying to sell Cragels to the credulous.

Cool story. Glad the SF hipster $ is going to people who earn it. Before the Starbuckian corporations lay that marmalade on real thick for $3.75.

btw - link didn't work with IE, but it did with Chrome.

Jeff that's unbelievable. Don't anybody tell the arty toast makers this but, sometimes I get crazy and put jam on my toast. It's an old family secret.

from the article:Hence the Yoko.

Now call me stupid, but what does Ms. Ono have to do with this?

Once mac & cheese was elevated to communion, toast was sure to follow.

We will soon need toasters so perfect that they brown the bread pixel by pixel and if we don't get one our children will laugh at us for doing it the "old fashioned way."

Change is bad.

Worth it for the part about the troubled young woman who started Trouble. Amazing story!

I've yet to have a toaster that doesn't burn the toast on one side and leave the other side flat.

I gave in and started using my toaster oven to make toast. Perfect slice, every time. It only costs me about $.05 a slice. A bit more for the Country Crock margarine spread and some high fructose corn syrupy jelly spread.

I'm such a prole.

Who cares about toast. I expected a snarky article about another hipster craze. As several others mentioned, I ended up reading the whole thing. A remarkable story about survival.

If the new money San Fran filthy rich want to blow their cash on $4 toast, so be it. What's worrisome is when everyone else sees it as their right to $4 toast.

Pot is now legal, sort of. Coincidence? I think not.

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