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January 15, 2014


80-year-old told to stop shooting icicles

(Thanks to Not My Usual Alias and Ralph)


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And the NRA wept.

From the address description, it's in a great combination of unincorporated and by the courthouse. As long as there aren't any soccer games going on in between, I'm surprisingly fine with his behavior.

Then again, my Dad considered Mondays to be trash can demolition derby day until a social worker asked me to tell him to stop.

We may as well just shred the Constitution.

Freeze, sucker!

He should take up "swordfighting" as they call it in the suburbs of Cleveland.

Bet his friends call him "Ralphie".

In his defense, all the local newscasts have been leading with dramatic "Beware the Falling Icicles of Death" stories. I just see a Concerned (and frankly creative) Citizen here.

A shotgun would work better.

Poor dude can't win. He gets up a ladder he gets an earful. He gets up a ladder and falls off he gets an earful. He doesn't get up a ladder and icicles bring the eavestroughs down he gets an earful. He does nothing he gets an earful. Hey, I'm a #1 Honey-do-list-maker, but even I'm feeling a molecule of sympathy here.

Depending on his level of hearing loss, the .22 might not be all that loud to him.

He was shooting icicles. I thought he was shooting icicles.

Stand your frozen ground, grandpa!

If there wuz "no damage" according to his spouse, I'd hazard a SEWAG that he wuz usin' bird-shot rather than ball ammunition ... very little likelihood of carrying too far, or shootin' holes in the roof or soffit, and such ...

Merely sayin' ...

Anyone who has ever seen icicles fall from a roof knows they are freaking dangerous. As soon as the door slams behind you, the sound is enough to jar them loose, and down they come like arrows in an Indiana Jones movie.

Wait. You mean that's not how you're supposed to do it? That's how those of us in central Texas do it. Well, I mean, when we have icicles.

Any idiot knows you use a flamethrower for this sort of thing. In fact, most idiots know it.

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