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January 30, 2014


Large testicles are linked to infidelity

(Thanks to funny man, Bill Jones and Bill Hudgins)

Warning: Disturbing photo.


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Oh, ballocks.

Natural selection favours small, cheap genitals ... um ... dates ... um ... characteristics ...


Our brain is our "peacock's tail"? And we show off our brains by chatting?
One may presume that the reporter has never experienced the raw sexual energy of a typical Mensa meeting.

I guess this explains Donald Trump...and Charlie Sheen.

according to the picture: a Cheeta has big balls

I'm feeling very monogamous...

Didn't AC/DC write a song about this?

Hellooo - according to the article, it's linked to infidelity in women. So the Donald and Charlie still have some 'splainin' to do. And guys with truckballz hangin' off their pick-ups need to check on their wives.

Also, this entirely grossed me out: "Each day, all the men on Earth combined produce an amount of semen equal to the volume of water in Norway's largest river, the Glomma."

*scratches Norway off travel list*

It's a burden we bear...bare...whatever.

"...we humans measure each other's brains before we mate...."

And all this time I thought human sexual selection was based on toilet seat positions.

Annie' ... and that volume of the river would be measured in ... cf/s ... um ... yeah, that's perty disgusticatin' ...

It would take very large steel ones for me to cheat on Mrs. Layzee. She's ex-Army.

We measure each others' brains?

Well, I guess there's a lot of miscalibrated test instruments out there. The human race isn't ISO 9001 compliant.

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