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January 29, 2014


Animal Sex Jury Erupts in Laughter After Hearing Man Was Rejected By Cow

(Thanks to Ryan Jentzsch, Unholy Slacker, Matt Filar, Richard Wise and Omniskeptic)


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"Paul Lovell, 61, was spotted by a couple allegedly trying to engage in intercourse with the sheep..."
Baaaaad writing...or redneck kama sutra.

"...dropped a charge of indecent exposure due to a lack of evidence." Snooooork!

i'd laugh too, and really lack of evidence, from a COW? would the cow have been testifying in court? honestly? not that sex with a cow wouldnt really be a good band name.

Hey Elsie, we don't want cows with good taste, we want cows that taste good, yaknowwhatimean?

Animal Sex Jury is the farm team for Insane Cow Posse, and they have petitioned the court to be added as plaintiffs to the suit against the FBI. Seems the feds listed their fans as a "herd".

The cow probably thought he was just another weirdo.
"Click, Clack, Noooo - Cows That Typecast."

"Paul Lovell, 61, was spotted by a couple allegedly trying to engage in intercourse with the sheep after and failing to seduce a cow near to the Tottenham Hotspur training ground in north London last September."

I'm confused...was the couple going for a threesome with the sheep?

Hey McCleod get off of my ewe.

Annie Where BH ya saw it first!

Perhaps, but yours was funnier.

When the spirit moooo's you.

He obviously didn't get his milk for free.

But, ladies, he's still single and available!

Get him a plane tic to New Zeeeland, the sheep are nervous, but they can't say nooo.

It's a cow. You're supposed to tip them. Every. Redneck knows that.

Yes, but only 15 to 20%, and only if they're really "friendly", if you get...

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