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January 17, 2014


Leggings for men.

Not this man, however.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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I was thinking those gold ones would work with Mitch Albom's Elvis routine should the RBR's ever get back together.

Cue the Barry Manilow pictures.

Nope, sorry, only works for Robin Hood's Men.

Those aren't leggings. These are leggings.

Those aren't leggings. These are leggings.

Those aren't leggings. These are leggings.

Mick Jagger would need a belt to hold those up.

Just the thing for a hipster without a little sister.

“We saw a real demand for an easy, wearable spandex pant for guys to incorporate into their everyday wardrobes,” they told the Daily News in an email.

Demand? They saw a demand? I'm not seeing a demand. I'm not even seeing a hint of a meekly voiced request. What I'm seeing, in fact, is - to be polite - unsuitable for printing in a dignified forum such as this one.

Do they come in a cute little plastic egg ?

You see skinny jeans on guys everywhere, and meggings are clearly the next step in that direction.

Yes, and skinny jeans look stupid.

Skinny jeans look illegal on some of us.

They are just for Beliebers.

and again the fashion industry says "d'oh!"

I repeat - Guys - WTFBBQ?

Real men don't have 'wardrobes.' They have a chair with jeans slung over them. And a couple of t-shirts.

Freakin' citidiots.

*heads back to barn*

We're getting closer to the vision of the future as shown by science fiction.


"Spandex retains odor, so there is a certain part where if you’re wearing them for a long period of time, you can’t really clean all the smell out, and it becomes a little bit annoying. And it also retains the odor of the dry cleaning fluid. It is, on a day-to-day basis, unpleasant."

Life is like a Merry-Go-Round. If you stay on long enough, things you've seen before come back around.

Grab your wallet and stupidometer when you hear "we saw a market demand for..."

I will get some when I see Dave wearing them!

"There's no reason why guys should resort to squeezing into ladies' leggings..."

I accidentally grabbed a pair of the ex's jeans on "casual Friday" once. ONCE... Boy, was she pi$$ed. I go them stretched out in places she didn't want them stretched. Funny thing was, I didn't notice til that afternoon that they weren't mine (she was an inch taller than me...).

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