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January 29, 2014


Now: In a toe bruise.

(Thanks to James Madigan)


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...and this little piggy went, 'wee, wee, wee,' all the way home to the place with the padded walls and the wraparound jackets.

I've been through Chimayo. The dirt looked pretty much like any other NM dirt. Dry. Tan with a hint of red.

Lady: JESUS CHRIST that hurt.

Toe: Yes it sure does!

You could always see Jesus sightings if that is what you want to see.

Why on earth would he bother to appear on a bruised toe when he can appear on a rusty bridge or a piece of french toast ?

...or an old sheet?

If traveling by car through New Mexico.

Rule #1. Never stop the car on a Friday night.

Rule #2. The Indians get paid on Friday night.

The Greatest Story Ever Toed.

How do I know it isn't Rush Limbaugh?

Now what, put the foot up on eBay?

Welp, that's Him, all right.
And she beat the s#it out of Him.
Pretty certain that's on the "No" list.

Looks like Jim Caviezel to me.

I saw Jesus Toe warming up for Creed in '98. Heckuva show.

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